Friday, 27 July 2012

Our First Staycation at Amara Sanctuary Sentosa (Part 2)

The next morning, as usual, little fella was the first to rise and shine and when he's awake, that meant everyone else have to wake up as well!

Think by 8am, we were happily enjoying our breakfast at the hotel's restaurant and not long thereafter, we were ready to explore other parts of the wonderful island.

From my initial research, I knew that our hotel's location was within walking distance to the Palawan beach and therefore had earmarked it as a destination to visit during our stay. Morning visits to the beach sounds good to me so off we went to change into the appropriate outfits after our breakfast for a morning of activities by the seaside   =)

When we arrived at the beach and to our pleasant surprise, the place have changed much since wifey and myself last visited ( er...... about 10 years ago? Oops! ) We were the beach dude and babe back then in our schooling days, Hahhahahaha!

And now back with a kid in tow! Wow, times really flies.....

As it was a Monday morning, the place was relatively quiet and deserted, not that little butternut mind though, with a little bit of encouragement he was soon happily exploring and playing at the beach.

Here's one posing for Man BoyHunt 2012

We found a huge soccer ball and little fella had some fun kicking it around

There is also a manmade waterplay area for the kids.

Basically, anywhere with sprouting water will attract the attention of kids!      =)

Next up was the suspension bridge to the southern-most part of the island. It seemed like we have a little fearless boy on hand here.....

And last but not least, we chanced upon this place as it was located at the same beach.

Entrance fee was $8 per kid and complimentary for accompanying parents and since we were already there with little fella in his swimsuit, we decided to go in for a look.

The place was more crowded with kids and children running around the area. It seemed like fun but surprisingly little fella was quite hestitant to explore the area and was quite clingy to his mummy. Guess he's still too young to appreciate the infrastructure and bet that in another year or two, he will be running around the place and doesnt care if we are around! Heez.....

With that, we round up our short but pleasant two day one night staycation at Amara Sanctuary Sentosa. After the Port of Lost Wonder, we went back to the jacuzzi in our hotel room again as little boy really enjoyed having fun in it. Did a late checked-out at 2pm and headed home straight for a well deserved rest.

Kinda hooked on the holiday feel of a staycation for now, more to come soon? Heez........

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