Friday, 27 July 2012

Our First Staycation at Amara Sanctuary Sentosa (Part 1)

Wohoo! Earlier this month was darling wifey's birthday and our little family of three checked into our very first staycation at Amara Sanctuary.   =)

Both wifey and I were quite excited in the days leading up to the actual stay while we were also a bit apprehensive of how our boy will cope in his first overnight stay at a new place....

In the end, it was a breeze and how we wished we could have stayed for a few more nights! Ha!

Check out our Courtyard Suite below:

The private verandah area before our room. Nice to have but we did not use this area for our entire stay. 

The King size bed for the three of us.

Twin basins

Shower area

And now here's the highlight, see our boy checking out our private courtyard with an attached outdoor jacuzzi.

Ahaaah........... we were surrounded by greenery and away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Its a good feeling!      =)

But first and foremost, have to take care of little boy's tummy first....

Enjoying his milk on the cushy comfy bed.

After settling down and a little rest thereafter, we wasted no time in heading to the jacuzzi and little fella had a whale of a time.....

He was all smiles and enjoyed splashing and playing around in the water. Something he did not get to do normally...

When it was time to leave the jacuzzi for our next destination, it took quite a fair bit of coaxing and cajoling to get the little boy into the shower room, heez....

Next up was the buffet dinner at RWS Festive Hotel.

There's even a section set aside just for kids.

The selections available is quite decent but tend to favours more towards meat lovers....

Here's what little fella was having for the night. Glad that he likes his vegetables!    =)

Wifey with her bbq prawns...

Little boy having a go with the utensils too...

The atmosphere of the restaurant was lively and yet relaxed with a singer in the background belting out some familar tunes, nothing much to "complain" about except for its charges to be a bit pricey for the given buffet spread.

Its back to back activities for us on that day and immediately after our dinner, it was time to head out to view the screening of the RWS "crane show". We have heard of it for a while but had not have the chance to catch it till that night.

For a free show, I must say that its quite impressive for first timers given the sheer scale of the performance with the machineries, prototypes, water and color displays involved. Think the little one was quite fascinated by it as well as his eyes were glued to the performance throughout the show.

After the performance, it was "shopping time" for the little fella at the RWS Candylicious store where he managed to grab some "goodies" before we head back to our room for a birthday cake celebration with wifey/mummy before we retired for the night.

Think I heard the little pumpkin snoring away when he finally managed to settle down for the night and wifey was "complaining" of don't know whose birthday we were celebrating as it seemed that our little boy was the one throughly enjoying himself. Heez.......

Stay tuned for the next day's activities coming up in part 2!          =)

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