Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day to Drama Mama

Hey Son,

Today is Mother's Day and since you are still too young to know what this day is all about, Daddy shall help you keep some notes so that you will know what a great mummy you have all along ok.

Well...... kinda difficult to list down everything cause there are too many to start with such as:

1.      Your Mummy is really still a "baby" (to Daddy at least) but she has take it upon herself to care for your well-being and look after your interests since the day we knew that you were in her tummy. (as you are now the official baby in the house) 

2.      Because of you, Mummy had to gain weight and "lose her figure" when you were inside her tummy. (It's a big thing, don't ask why, you will know eventually...)

3.      Mummy has to endure long labour pains in order deliver you to this world (this I'm sure Mummy will remind you again)

4.      Mummy quitted her job and became a SAHM (StayAtHomeMum) because of you. (Not every Mummy does it)

5.      Mummy learns new recipes and painstakingly prepares healthy meals for your daily needs. (psst! Mummy hardly cooks before you came along...)   

6.      Mummy don't eat before you are done with your meal. (even though she's real hungry at times)

7.      Only Mummy can deal with your poo and cleans you with minimum fuss (ok, Daddy is at fault here but there's something about the stench of your poo...)

8.      Only Mummy has the "mystical power" to "hypnotize" you to follow her instructions such as behaving yourselves in public and changing in/out of clothes during shower time.

9.      Only Mummy can relate such lively stories to you during reading time everyday (Daddy's reading is quite boring) and sings such lovely songs with accompanying actions to you before your bedtime everynight (again let's just say there's a reason why Daddy is not a singer..)

10.  Only Mummy can cut your finger and toe nails. (Daddy is too scare to do it)

11.  Mummy have done more washing (clothes, milk bottles, bedsheets etc) now that you are around then the whole of her life before you arrived. (tips: Buy some moisturizers for her hands!)  

12.  Mummy stays up late weekly to research and prepare your alphabet "lesson plans" (to teach you the ABCs), creative hands-on handicraft sessions and other fun activities so that you can get to enjoy and learn while you are at home with her ( how cool is that!)

and many many more. Really too long a list to write down everything. Bottomline is that Mummy is a wonderful Mummy and remember to shower her with plenty of hugs and kisses everytime and always without prompt ok. (Cause think Mummy already complained that you kisses your "sleeping companions" more willingly that you kisses her! Don't say Daddy didn't warn you ah!)

Mother & Son sharing a moment together

Lastly from myself to darling wifey:

 "Happy Mother's Day!" You deserved it! Glad to have you as a wifey and mummy to our son. You are doing good!     =)


Hubby & Daddy

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