Monday, 18 June 2012


Realise that the blog has not been updated for more than a month! Oops!!

Well.... mainly its due to the two weeks In-Camp-Training that had disrupted my "momentum" and partly it is also because I have been fiddling less with my camera nowadays. *note: time to pick up the camera again as my little boy is growing by leaps and bound!

His last check-up about a week ago have him measuring at 85cm tall and weighing in at 11kg. That translates to above average height and average weight among the toddlers in his age group. Glad to know that he is growing well.   =)

Here's my boy in a recent pic of him in a Sumo look-alike stance.

Heez.... actually he is practising to drink straight from a cup and dearest mummy know-it-best knows that it will be a "wet affair" and thus prepare our boy for it.

Overall he did quite a good job drinking straight from the cup.  The spillage was manageable but he had to work on the tilting part. Most of the spillage occurs when he over tilted the cup in his excitement to drink the water in it.

Here's a few other shots of him fully clothed. heez.....


Hmm..... in the past one month, my boy has grown taller, became heavier, his hair are longer and thicker and he remains as bubbly and energetic as ever. (note: too energetic = mischievous) His expressions and vocabulary is increasing with words like Star(all time favourite), Papa, Daddy, Mama, Taxi (sound alike), A (as in eh), Wohoo (sound alike), Oh-oh (sound alike), Yi yi etc... and only just yesterday he managed to say out loud (sound alike) his own name. Awww...... cute little fella!

Time waits for no one so I must quickly take note of all these developments and keep the blog going. Stay tune!   =) 

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