Wednesday, 9 May 2012

E for Elephant!

E for Elephant was one of the words beginning with the letter E that Mummy had introduced to Little Fella during the "E" week and we capped it off at the end of the week by making a trip to the Zoo to show him actual elephants!    =)

Must be donkey years since wifey and I last stepped into the Zoo and as we have been contemplating to bring our boy to the Zoo for quite a while, this provided us with the perfect excuse opportunity to make a trip to the Zoo last Saturday.

So what caught the attention of our little boy here?


We reached the Zoo bright and early at around nine o'clock in the morning to have their "Breakfast in the Wild" breakfast at Ah Meng Restaurant. The main highlight was the chance to have breakfast with the Orangutans and you can have your pictures taken with them while you dine at the restaurant.

Frankly speaking, its nothing much to crow about. I had initally thought that there would be at least a few other interactions with other animals available at the Zoo. Sadly the other exhibit was the snake. Not much of an attraction to us, at least to me anyway. And the breakfast is so expensive! Its free for our boy but it cost wifey and I around $60+ for the breakfast session.

At least if the food is good then we will not be so "heartpain" but its not! Bearly passable and for around $30 per pax, I would have expected it to be much better in terms of its spread and quality. As for the picture taken with the Orangutans, the Zoo will try to sell it to you for $35! (think come with a keychain or something but I was put off once I knew the cost) *faint*

Enough of me rambling. Well, at least we get to kickstart the trip by having our breakfast in the Zoo while Little Fella was being fascinated by all the Orangutans and their activities. Wifey did took some photos of Little Fella and me together with the Orangutans as well.

Zoo's overexposed and expensive version   -   $35
Wifey's nicely taken version                        -   FREE!          =)

Mummy and son viewing the Orangutans up close.

After the breakfast, its off to explore the Zoo by tram. Our tickets enabled unlimited rides on the tram and thank god that we made the right decision to opt for this plan by topping up a difference of additional $2 per pax. We took the trams many times and will not be able to explore the whole Zoo like we did if we are only allowed to board it once. Having said that, being on trams, we have to forgo the luxury of viewing the animals up close and for a longer period of time. Its always a quick and fast "sightings" before the next enclosure comes along and we are too lazy to walk from the tram stations to the enclosures by ourselves after we alight.      =P

We do make up for it by having multiple trips so we can get to see the animals for a few times. And travelling by tram will limit your photo taking opportunities as well as it is difficult to compose proper shots while the tram is continuous moving with the scene ever changing. Sigh..... guess cant have the best of both world.

Some of the animals seen during the tram rides:

And then we made our way to the main highlight for the trip:

Show and See session with dearest mummy being conducted on site     =)

As we explore the enclosure, one the elephants was showcasing her painting skills...

More animals...

While we were on the tram rides, we saw this from afar and thus decided to check out this area as well.

And what did Little Fella saw that got him all excited?


Unfortunately we were not prepared for it and did not bring along additional set of clothes for our little one thus he had to give it a miss on this occasion. Not that he mind though, he was soon seen happily running around and exploring other parts of the area. A little red wagon parked along the side soon caught his attention...

Perhap Little Fella recognises the alphabet E already?    =)

The boats for the boat rides available for additional costs.

Overall it was quite an enjoyabe experience for our first trip to the Zoo after many years and guess we will be targetting the waterplay area and the boat rides on our next return trip       =)

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