Monday, 7 May 2012

Egg-tivities! =)

Last week was the turn for the alphabet E to be introduced to Little Fella.

As Tuesday was Labour day and a public holiday, Daddy was around to do "egg-tivities" with Little Fella and Mummy.

Its E for Egg on Tuesday.

Mummy with her "course materials"....

Little Fella paying attention to Mummy and her instructions.

Tata! Subjects for the day, after a 'makeover"
Little Fella enjoying the "hands-on" session

Mummy guiding along and showing the way. 

Learning the difference between egg yolk and egg white... 

Look at my hand!

Er... Daddy, are you going to clean my hand for me?

Thank you Mummy, it sure was fun for Little Fella and Daddy!      =)

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