Sunday, 18 March 2012

Infant/Toddler Car Seats

Little Fella have always been placed in a car seat whenever he travels in my car. Ever since the first day he left the hospital, it has been the case. Not only is it mandatory by law, personally I think that it is a much safer way to travel in a vehicle.

2 days old baby

Around nine months...

16 months old

He's been so used to it nowadays that he will tell you to buckle his seat belts properly if you have not done so...

Think he totally rocks in his car seat. Its been officially named as the "King's throne".

No matter how many pax we can squeeze into the back seats, he will still be able to be seated comfortably with an "entertainment system" (DVD player) in front of him showing his favourite shows. Not to mention another bag of toys/books right under his car seat.

Now isn't that royal treatment or what?

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