Monday, 19 March 2012

What does Parenting means to you?

Parenting, like so many other things in life, is grey. There is no one right way to raise your child. Every child is different and so does every parent. Every parent have their own methods and philosophies and every child takes to it differently. One man's meat might be another's posion. You get the idea....

Parenting is like one big experiment involving many trials and errors in order to concoct on a successful "formula". And many parents secretly harbour the hope of buying this "formula' off the shelves and turning their kids into instant genius or something. But hey, doesn't it take out all the fun in parenting in the first place?

The following quote from a mummy in a parenting magazine best sums it:

As a parent " We get the chance to see a life grow, be an influence, have an impact and learn at the same time." 

You see son, the thing on the floor........

Look Mummy! I can walk down the stairs!

Now, climbing the steps seems harder....

Mummy! Water!!!

This is my favourite picture from last week. My two "precious" having a good time.

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