Friday, 16 March 2012

Walk in the Park

One thing about kids is their unpretentious nature and the fact that they find joy in the simplest form. And as parents, it brings us joy just to know that your child is merry and enjoying himself on occasions such as this:

The weather is great. Drama Mama get to head out of the house and Little Fella get to play while I can take in more pictures! I can't ask for more than this.

Our little boy is slowly shaking off the "baby" tag and continues to amaze us daily in his toddlerhood. But guess he will alway be our little precious baby no matter how old he gets, right Mummy? 

Boy, as you grow older, there will be times when you know what you want....

There will be times when you might need to pause for a while to gather your thoughts....

Feel free to learn and explore the world at your pace and have a break when you are tired....

Just to let you know that Mummy and Daddy will always be nearby, ever ready to lend a hand if needed, in any situation that might arises...

Don't hold back and Don't be afraid.
The World is at your feet
waiting for you to Explore it.

 Luv - Mummy & Daddy

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