Sunday, 19 February 2012

2012 Updatez thus far.......

Heez..... It took me 50 days into the new year to finally pen my first posting in 2012. Pardon for the looooong wait, see we have been lazy busy since the turn of the year.....

Lunar New Year falls during January this year instead of the usual February period and thus before we could have post Christmas bluez, we were busy preparing for CNY immediately once Christmas was over. Mighty Daddy and Drama Mama were kept busy shopping for new clothes, shoes, bedsheets, house decorations and other endless stuffs...

On 21st Jan, 2 days before CNY, we went to Chinatown for a "feel" of the festive mood. Well, actually Drama Mama needed to collect her dress from her tailor but its a good excuse for us to soak in the atmosphere anyway.

Mighty Daddy anticipated that the traffic around Chinatown might be heavy and chaotic as everyone would be rushing to do their last minute CNYshopping, therefore we went during the morning and took public transport together for the first time as a family.

We set off for Chinatown after having our breakfast at Plaza Singapore.

Its the first time Might Daddy took the mrt together with me..

The weather was quite hot but I've seen many interesting stuffs!

CNY came and gone and before we knew it, February has arrived. During one of the days where we went to East Coast Park for our dinner, we saw this:

Woa.... I didnt know that sand can be used to build sandcastles this big! While I was there, I managed to take some pictures with another "castle" too.

On Valentine's day, I was brought to a place where I had a fun time! It makes Mighty Daddy and Drama Mama's day too just to see that I was happy and enjoying myself. So where is this place?

It's SingKids Playsystem located at Changi Terminal 3. Can't wait to revisit the place again. *hint*   =)

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