Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Enjoying the Small Things

As the blog title says, most of us are guilty of getting caught up in our daily lives to find time to appreciate the little things around us.

The sense of serenity where one is at peace with oneself and realises that hey! that's not too bad after all...... Be it that you are undergoing a rough patch right now or is in the middle of a disastrous day at work/home/watever and yet still be able to laugh it off at the end of it and look forward to another day.

In Buddhism, we call it the High/Low life condition whereby someone in a high-life condition will tend to view issues positively and vice versa for low-life condition. The Sense of Gratitude some might say.... I prefer to term it as Be Inspired. When was the last time you were inspired?

What if I say Be Inspired Always? Is it possible to achieve it? Well, time will tell and if you see the number of postings in "enjoying the small things" label creeping up, you will know that life is still not too bad over here in our little world.....  

Stay tune  -  Octdad

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