Friday, 21 October 2011

Sunshine Saturday

Made a quick trip to the Botanic Gardens last Saturday morning. It was an impromptu decision by Mummy and Daddy as all of us were awake bright and early and it would be such a waste if we were to remain in the house.

Guess what was I doing?

Daddy was commenting on my good sitting posture but I cant reach the pedal!

Heez... I should be the youngest "officer on duty" for the Singapore Botanic Gardens

We strolled around the park and ended having our brunch at Halia. The food there was nothing to crow about but the place did provide a good respite from the weather as we were perspiring under the sun.

That's me taking a sip from my bottle....

Ah..... it feels good to be able to drink on my own   =)

After our brunch, we continued our exploration of the park and came across beautiful waterfalls and colourful landscape displays. We would like to stay longer at the park but as it was approaching noon time with the sun rays getting stronger by the minute, we decided to call it a day and headed home for my afternoon nap. Guess we need to come out in the sun more often to get used to the heat!   =)

It sure was a bright sunny day!

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