Monday, 20 June 2011

Live, Love, Laugh, Learn - by OctDad

Came across these individual words placed next to each other and don't know why, it just stuck a chord in me.... It sums up perfectly how I feel towards my little boy at the time I'm writing this post. Ever Curious(or nosey), Active(can't sit still) and Happy(if he gets what he wants)

Live - All things need some starting point of sorts so in order to be alive and be able to live a life is a great start! Life is not a bed of roses and neither is it a bed of thorns. As one gets older, one will remember the painful thorns to avoid and yearn for the comfort of roses. Subconciously, life then gets more complicated. For a soon to be eight month old baby, this is way above his league and I actually kinda like it to remain this way....

Love -  There's so much love surrounding and radiating off little fella. Everyone simply adores him. Me, I love him to bits too. He is in the phase now where he will stretch out his arms if he wants to be carried and how can one simply refuse when an eight month old baby reaches out to you? He will turn to look at you with his innocent eyes, flash a megawatt smile when he recognises you and coo at you when you tickle his tummy. Ahhh.... love and affection in the simplest form...

Laugh  -  Did I mentioned that he laugh heartily too? Laughter is good medicine for the stressed out adults. Nothing beats the chuckle of your child and all worries will be temporarily cast aside cause you will be laughing together with them. It is that infectious so please smile and laugh more in your daily life, and do it heartily like a baby and the world will be a happier place.

Learn  - This is a continuous process and ever revolving and changing along the way while one is at it. There's no end to learning, just that different people learn different things during different stages in their life. I am learning how to be a good parent and while I"m striving hard at it, little fella is no sloth either. He is learning to sit unassisted, trying to crawl forward (instead of backward) and getting to a sitting position from tummy down position. The results are encouraging and improving on a day to day basis. Although these are the basics, but as first time parents, wifey and I cant be more proud of our little fella's achievement.

So little fella, just a simple post to let you know that you have been doing great and please continue to amaze mummy and daddy daily with every of your little achievements.

I need a Hug!

p/s: Little fella is nursing a slight flu at the time of this post, so please rest well and recover soon okie. 


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