Thursday, 23 June 2011

Self feeding and Sitting unaided

Besides the teething rusks, I have also managed to sink my teeth gum onto a pear recently.   =)    I was a bit cranky on Sunday and only ate a few mouthful of brocolli with carrot for lunch. Thus I was unable to finish the portion prepared by Mummy. Daddy was around so he cut a piece of pear for me which, as mentioned earlier, I happily took it from him.

Mummy told me that I must be a good boy and not be choosy over food cause if daddy is not around to help out, then I will have to make do with the prepared food or be prepared to go hungry! In order to appease mummy, I was then introduced to the 'notti corner" by daddy for the first time....

Well, I sat there for a while not knowing what had happened and proceeded to explore my new found surroundings.... Luckily daddy "rescued" me shortly and said that the duration will be much longer if I am going to be naughty again. Hmm.....

I am also getting better sitting unaided nowadays. It sure beats being on my back or tummy for most of the time and I get to play with more stuffs too.

Anyone want to play with me?

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