Monday, 20 June 2011

Polliwogs East Coast

Went to Polliwogs at East Coast last wednesday. It is a children play/entertainment area with setups such as obstacle courses, fun slides, bouncies etc for the kids to expend their endless amount of energy. Me? As I'm still young and have yet to master my crawling skills, I will have to settle for this:

That's me in a ball pool   =)

looking a bit "stoned"

I was a bit overwhelmed by the new environment and the colorful balls in the ball pit. Coupled by the fact that I missed my earlier afternoon nap, thus I was not quite my usual bubbly self on that visit. I did however get to "interact" with a few kor-kors and jie-jies while I was at the place and I believe when I am more mobile in future, I will then be able to join in the fun with all the big kor-kors and jie-jies.

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