Thursday, 4 July 2013

Conversations with a 32 months old boy

Seems like ages since my last post. Oops! Here's a recent pic of our little boy   =)

He is growing up real fast! Here's some interesting conversational moments:

Scenario 1:
Daddy & Son were happily playing in the room when Little Fella spotted an insect...... (those little bugs that are attracted to lights bulb..)

Son:  Look Daddy! An insect! ( expecting daddy to go and catch it )

Dad:  Yes son? ( walked over and stare at the insect intentionally, expecting son to run off for a tissue (as usual) and to pass it to daddy for "the catch".

Son:   < still happily playing with the toy cars and wanted daddy to rejoin him soon >

Son:  Daddy, catch it with your (bare) hands!

Dad:  No, I don't want to catch it with my (bare) hands. Can I have a piece of tissue please?

Son:   < pondered for three seconds between getting the tissue or to continue playing >

Son:  Daddy, you can get the tissue on your own!

Son:  < continue to play with his toy cars >

Dad:  .....

Dad:  < stunned by son's replies >

Conclusion: Your kids will know and weigh their options before they turn three...

Scenario 2:
Mummy and Son were in the living room with the little boy busy playing with his toys as usual. It was a hot and humid day and Mummy was seating on the sofa complaining about the weather...

Mom:   Aaaragh! I can't stand (the weather)!

Son:    Mummy what happened?

Son:    < thought Mummy can't "stand" as in "standing up">

Son:    < proceeded to pull mummy's hand >

Son:   Mummy can you try (to stand up)?

Mom:  < laughing away and trying to explain the differences... >

Son:   Mummy, can you try your best (to stand up)?

Dad:   < In the kitchen having a drink and happen to overhear the conversation >

Dad:   HaHaHaHaHa!

Conclusion: Your kids will show genuine concerns for you when they are young, provided they know what is happening!

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