Thursday, 25 April 2013

CNY 2013

Every year, during Chinese New Year, our little family of 3 will try to take a group family picture on our own before leaving the house to start our house visiting.

During 2011, Little Fella was only 3 months plus during CNY and we were more concerned with "surviving" the home-visit trips than anything and only took some pictures using our handphones.

In 2012, Little Fella was a year plus and we have this:

Come 2013 with that little bit of experiences taking self portraits by using a tripod, we managed to take these sets of pictures:

We had to use a timer as the remote was not functioning and the multi-shots did produce some hits and misses along the way. But boy am I glad to be able to take some pictures like these of us having fun and goofing around.

Till the next new year then, or perhaps we can start a Christmas edition come end of this year?

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