Monday, 23 April 2012

A Trip to Changi City Point

Went to check out a new place two Sundays ago, Changi City Point, and it turned out to be quite a nice pleasant surprise for everyone.

For a start, the mall is relatively bigger than your typical neighbourhood mall. It's wide corridors with high ceilings offers a more spacious feel and allow one to stroll leisurely along the main hallway without the worries of obstructing others. More interestingly, it has little sections of "outdoor area" that can double up as "learning area" for the little ones.

Little Fella in his familiar "squatting" position checking out things that interests him..... 

Hello fishes!

Wow, come look at this!......

Nothing escape the curious little boy nowadays, from ants/litter/dirt on the ground to instances like the picture below. Peering through the door gap of a construction hoarding .....

Hmm.... anything interesting inside?

As in almost becoming the norm for newer buildings, there is a children playground located at the top level of the mall. Parents can chose between a "wet or dry" playground over there to let their kids expend the limitless amount of energy inside them. We did not bring along any change of clothes for our boy so its only the "dry" playground for him on that day. 

There's also the occasional aeroplanes that can seen flying past the area. Little Fella would recognises the sound and search the sky for it when he hears them.

Here he is seen running around and enjoying himself at the playground. Loves the sight of his surroundings awareness and the fact that even though the height clearances is enough, he actually lowers his head when he is running across under the rope bridge. Cute little boy!     =)

Overall, Changi City Point is definitely a place that we will revisit again. Perhaps to try out the wet playground next time?

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