Thursday, 19 April 2012

Love it or Hate it?

Ahhhh....... The constant debate of using pacifiers on babies. Most of the elders (grandparents) swear by it and those who are younger (like wifey and myself) have mixed feelings about it.

While we understand the need for babies to suckle onto something for comfort, we were also worried when we read reports of speech delay (and crooked teeth?) due to prolong usage of pacifiers.... 

There are also parents who go pacifier-free and encourage their kids to suckle on their fingers for comfort. In this way, the parents need not worry about the availability of pacifiers, which is especially useful when they are out on trips or during the night when pacifiers tend to slip away from the babies mouth and that will mean sleepy parents urgently searching for the "missing" pacifier for their "angry" babies in the dark.....

Before Little Fella was born, we were still in two minds about it. But if I remember correctly, think we gave in on the fourth day after he was delivered! Truth be told, little babies are quite cute with a pacifier in mouth.

@ 2months plus...

But as they get older, especially when they are 3-4 years old, don't think it will be that cute anymore..... and the older it gets, the harder it is to quit the habit? Actually Little Fella has not been too reliant on the pacifier all along. It is mostly used as a tool for us to aid and "speed up" the time needed for him to fall asleep. At times when he was very tired, he doesnt even require the pacifier at all. Therefore on 1st Jan 2012, wifey and I made the decision to stop using pacifier on Little Fella altogether.

All in all, the transition to being pacifier free for the little one was actually quite hassle free. It only meant that Little Fella took longer to fall asleep during the initial nights but slowly and eventually he readjusted to it without too much issues.

For this, Mighty Daddy and Drama Mama is pretty proud of it! Good Job Son!      =)

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