Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Thomas Craze

A typical scene at home.

Our boy having a good time with his favourite activity at the moment, playing with his collection of Thomas & Friends toy sets. At times he will push and roll the trains onto the tracks on his own and does the occasional "rescue act" (when the trains derail ) by himself. Other times he will prefer us to play together with him.

Frankly speaking, we adults do get bored with the same activitiy repeating itself on a daily basis. There is something monotonous about a train named Thomas going round and round the tracks in our living room. Not so for our boy as the first thing he can lay his hands on every morning (besides his milk bottle) will likely be either a Thomas book or the train sets itself.

Drama Mama and I have been discussing of ways to divert our boy's attention away from the train sets. Not the extreme sort of eliminating all Thomas activity totally but at least it will not be the Only activitiy associated with the little one during his time at home.

We have started a little "experiment" this week and I am proud to say that it is working and Little Fella has been cutting down on his time with the blue locomotive. Great work mummy! ( more on the "experiments" in ensuing blog posts.)

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