Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Updates! - by Octdad

Didn't realise that there haven't been an entry on the blog for more than a month untill a reminder came in yesterday requesting for more postings (you know who you are).

As Little Fella transit from an infant to a young toddler nowadays, it's becoming more challenging as well as taxing to handle both an energetic and overly enthusiatic little boy AND a bulky camera strapped across your shoulder. Couple with the fact that mobile phones take pretty decent pictures and videos at a much more convenient set-up ( I barely notice my phone when its in my pocket), its no wonder that I have been leaving the camera at home more often....

Came across another blog recently where the blogger is also struggling with the convenience of social media where everyone simply "twits" or does "facebooking" updates of their daily lives and that she is also struggling to continue using blogs as the main means of updates. Well, I hope that I can have the required "stamina" to continue providing updates on this platform so that I will have a memory bank for reminiscence when Little Fella is not so little anymore   =)

Here's a few pictures taken last month when we were out celebrating Nai nai"s birthday by having dim sum at Min Jiang, Goodwood Park hotel.

One of the signature dish, served individually and not available at buffet line..

This is how little fella is being kept entertained nowadays...

We also went to a "kampong farm" two weekends ago where Little Fella gets to say hello to some of the animals for the first time  =) 

Hi duckie!

Feeding was allowed and food provided but Little Fella is still too young to try feeding the animals.

So this is how a real rooster looks like....

Hi rabbits!

Little Fella has started learning to walk and enjoys being on the ground with both feet moving in tandem. Guess it will be in no time before my boy takes off running all over the place.

Realise that kids really do grow up fast and therefore a note to myself is to keep on taking more pictures!

At times like this, I'm glad that I brought my camera along...

And finally last weekend, I was away on a short working trip to Manila and was without Drama Mama and Little Fella by my side for 2 nights. Although its only for a short while but its the first time that the three of us did not spend a night together...

Some pictures of the trip.

Cheap version of transport. Its called the Jeepney. Similar to the Tuk Tuk in Thailand but bigger in size.

Hello Volcano!

Can you spot the volcano here?

Picture taken at an organic farm where I had one of my lunch there...

Is this passion fruit?

petals on water...

That's all for the updates!    =)

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