Monday, 26 September 2011

Saturday Brunch at Epicurious

Hmm.... seems like Mummy & Daddy like to go for brunch during the weekends. I definitely don't mind cause I get to go out and have fun!   =)

The place was quite highly recommended for its food and were already bustling with customers when we reached there. Food presentation were done in an old school style and as for how they taste, well... both mummy and daddy agreed that they have tried yummier egg benedicts elsewhere... Guess different tastebuds suits different tastes...  

Orange juice, mocha and ice water.

Daddy's Full Monty

Mummy's egg Benedict

and water melon for me, yeah!

After the brunch, we went around the area and chance upon an atrium selling organic and home made stuffs. Mummy bought a packet of macadamia cookies from one of the stalls and has been raving about how delicious the cookies taste ever since. 

the cookie stall

Next, mummy and daddy decided to bring me to the place where they said their marriage vows four years ago, Zenden at Gallery Hotel, as the hotel is just across the road from where we were. I had fun sitting and crawling around the chairs and sofas while we were there before calling it a day morning and head back to home sweet home for my afternoon nap.   =)

So what's on tv?

the semi daze with ruffled hair look

On the way home    =)

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