Friday, 16 September 2011

Had a "picnic", marvel at kites and hold my first lantern =)

Drama Mama was saying that as I am now slightly older, perhaps I'll be more appreciative of my surroundings and will be more interested to explore new environment. So off we go last Saturday to Marina Barrage for a little impromptu outdoor "picnic" and kite sightings. Compared to the last time when we went kite sighting at Sengkang: Kite Flying , I was definitely more cheerful on this latest occasion.

That's me doing my current favourite activity, shredding tissue and sharing it with others!


Happily smiling away    =)

Hey, there's kites!

Let me take a picture of it using the iphone....

The weather for that day was mainly cloudy with some slight drizzle when we first arrived. Thankfully it cleared up soon thereafter and we were able to enjoy a relatively cool evening. I had my dinner there before we went to the Lantern Festival By The River at Central so in a way, that's my "picnic" at Marina Barrage. Will definitely be back for more with Mighty Daddy and Drama Mama bringing along their food for an actual picnic soon.   =)

While we were at the Lantern Festival later, unfortunately it began to drizzle again and Daddy was busy sheltering Mummy and myself with the umbrella and therefore did not have the chance to take much pictures.

Grandmama and Grandpapa bought a battery operated "Angry Bird" lantern for me at the place. Its a simple little lantern with quite a loud melody tune to it. Perhaps its the unfamiliar crowd or that I was feeling tired as it was approaching my bedtime, I wasn't really interested in the lantern and was getting a little cranky during the walk. We then took a quick stroll around the area before making our way home. I slept all the way during the journey home, heez...    

Next came last Monday which was the actual day for the Mid-Autumn Festival. It was not a public holiday so Daddy need to work on that day. After Daddy came back from work, we went to Nex for dinner before making our way to the playground at Grandmama's place. There were many kors-kors and jie-jies having fun at the playground. Some of them were playing with sparklers while others were using candles to make designs on the ground. I had fun too with the slides and rides at the playground.   =)

Enjoying myself at the playground. Can you spot my lantern?

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