Monday, 8 August 2011

Brunch Time! =)

Went to 1 Caramel at 1 Rochester Park for a lazy brunch on Saturday morning.

The cakes on display there are lovely!

As usual, I'm the first to go thru the menu ...

They do have a kid's menu but I'm still too young for it...

This is what mama & papa had for starters...

Followed by the Big Breakfast on menu

and yummylicious egg benedict...

A close up view on the egg benedict.

Papa finished off the meal with his regular caffeine intake.

I tried to lay my hands on mama's smoothie but did not succeed eventually..

All in all, we had a wonderful time at the place. Nice food and cosy ambience. (although the place is relatively small and might not be that convenient for those without own transport) Food portion is generous too, Papa was lamenting that he's too full to try their desserts which are very tempting indeed. So that means we might make a return trip soon? I don't really mind, hopefully I can get my hands on the smoothie next time.    =)

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