Friday, 27 May 2011

Random shorts - by OctDad

Little Fella dislike toy giraffe? Actually Grandmama had accidentally discovered that Little Fella will turn his head away when the toy was within his sight. This was about more than a month ago. Quite surprising to us as he normally takes to anything and will next try to stuff everything into his mouth. Perhaps shall try out the giraffe on him again this weekend and see how he reacts.

My favorite thing now is the daily morning first feed session with Little Fella. It is the only time, during working weekdays, for some father-son bonding.

Did not get to mention that Little Fella mastered his flipping was when he was about five and a half weeks old. He did it right in front of Mighty Daddy and Drama Mama on an early weekday morning. We were both so proud of this little milestone. Heez… first time “kan cheong” parents….
Little Fella is a Happy Baby!  =) He likes to chuckle and his smile is so infectious. Can anyone teach me how to upload video clippings onto the blog?

Beside this blog, Mighty Mama has also started on her scrap-book on Little Fella. She is a bit bummed at not having enough “good quality photos” of Little Fella when he was still a newborn. Should have invested in the camera much earlier…   

At six months and three weeks old, Little Fella can hold onto the milk bottle on his own and self-feed!   =)   Another reminder to myself to take some nice pics of it and have them post onto the blog.
Little Fella is going to be seven months old in a few days time. This means that he will be able to try out a wider range of food. He is also getting more mobile and can twist, turn and flip about whenever he gets the chance. He is starting to show signs of crawling too (able to raise shoulder or hips high up individually but still not concurrently) and can sit unassisted for a short period of time. Way to go, Son!   =)

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