Sunday, 17 April 2011

Relaxing Sunday....

Its the weekend again and I like weekend cause mama and papa will be together with me for the whole day. Just had my 3rd vaccination yesterday so daddy were saying that we will be staying at home in order for me to rest well. Not that I am complaining though, a typical stay-at-home Sunday will begin with something like this:

  • Early morning rise and shine but mummy and daddy still sound asleep......
  • Tried unsuccessfully to wake either mummy or daddy....
  • Finds things to keep me entertain for a while and try waking them again
  • Still unsuccessful again..
  • Getting hungry so no choice but to be more "forceful" like kicking and pulling hair of whoever is nearest to me....
  • Mummy/daddy stir in their sleep and try to pat me back to sleep again! *Faint*
  • Final throw of the dice. I do the only thing that i know, Cry!
  • It worked! Mummy & Daddy jump up, greeted morning to me and shower me with hugs & kisses and most importantly, I get my milk for breakfast. Yeah!
Once everyone is awake, the rest of the day will be similar to this:
  • Fullfill my duties as a baby and entertain mama & papa
  • Take cereal
  • Tired, sleep
  • Awake, poo if feeling is there, otherwise entertaining part II
  • Hungry, drink milk
  • Rest, shower
  • Tired, sleep
  • Awake, taking lessons and learning new stuffs like eating my toes and continuous flipping without falling off the bed
  • Hungry, drink milk 
  • Free&Easy like mama reading story books to me, watching TV together with daddy etc etc
  • Tired, sleep
  • Awake, wipe down and prepare for the night
  • Hungry, drink milk 
  • Entertaining part III and La la land thereafter

Caught watching TV with daddy by Drama Mama

Having lessons like learning to crawl..


Doing my favourite activity! heez...

So how was your weekend huh?    =)

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