Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Ever Alert, Always Ready

Sounds like some marketing gimmicks for the armed forces but nope, this description is best used on my mama. Its been a while since I'm home alone with mummy again and today is one of these days as mummy will be on leave for today and tomorrow. Yeah!

Why do i say mama is ever alert? Like this afternoon while I was happily playing in the exesaucer and mummy was busy preparing my afternoon milk feed, out of a sudden, mama came rushing over to my side and carried me onto her arms. I was like, "Wat's up mummy? Is my milk ready?" It is only then that I discovered that the exesaucer I was in seconds ago had unexpectedly collapsed! Imagine if I was IN the exesaucer when it collapsed... 

Mama was all ashen-face and kept checking if I was alright and whether have I suffered any fright. I think its Mama who was more startled than anything else as I was happily sucking my fingers away, completely oblivious to what had just happened. She was quick to inform Mighty Daddy of the incident but as papa was busy fighting crimes and helping the needy elsewhere, and knowing that I'm alright, therefore decided not to abandon his tasks on hand and will only conduct his investigation on the attempt assailant when he gets home in the evening.

Guess Mighty Daddy must have passed some of his supernatural abilities to mama so that she can "predict and foresee" things in the future. Was told by papa the other day to be discreet about it as he says something like with Great Power comes Great Responsiblities..... too complex for a five months old to understand...

So its all in a days work for Drama Mama and her Little Fella being home alone (somehow it always happen when daddy is not around) but seriously mama, can we omit the drama?

P/s: Upon investigation, papa concluded that one of the exesaucer's leg might have been loosen or not installed properly. He is not entirely sure about it and will continue to keep the assailant under close supervison before deciding on pressing any charges. 

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