Friday, 18 October 2013

Living with Children - Life is what happens right now

It's 3am in the morning.

Little Fella had just taken another dose of paracetamol to keep his fever in check. (please get well soon little boy!) and I'm having difficulty getting back to sleep again so what did I do?.....

Well, time to update the blog! Ha!

Time really just whizzes past and its been another month plus since my last update. This blog posting is tough! Nevertheless I will try and continue to update as often as I can....

Came across this write up in the latest Ikea family news catalogue and realised that it really strikes a chord in me. Here's an excerpt:

Children want to spend more time with their parents. It's a wish that doesn't come with any requirements. All time spent together has the same value. A visit to an amusement park isn't worth more than hanging out together in the living room, just enjoying being close as a family.Very often, the most ordinary things are often the most memorable that we carry with us for the rest of our lives. And the most precious thing in a home isn't the sofas or the computers or the new kitchen - its the time together and that's what counts. Time is valuable. But time together is priceless.     

Very well written indeed!

Here's some random pics taken from mid-July to mid-Oct 2013.

Waterworks @ Science Centre

Follow his gaze to see what caught his attention   =)

Playing around with mummy after shower

He's a cheeky little boy nowadays...

A moment with daddy during the national day parade preview...

Patriotic little fella! Ha!

One of the handicraft sessions at home...

Hokey Pokey @ Millennium Walk 

The musician in him?
The photographer in him?

Not bad a pic huh?

Mummy busy baking

Little Fella busy "baking" as well... Ha!

Yummy cupcakes!   =)

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