Monday, 1 April 2013

Little Fella Turns Two! (2012)

Little Fella had a blast celebrating his birthday last year.

Prior to the celebration, he has yet to grab the concept of celebrating birthdays but by the time he was done with his own celebrations (twice) as well as a dress rehearsal during Daddy's birthday, he came to associate birthdays with delicious yummy cakes, singing of birthday songs, candles blowing, and receiving and opening of presents!   =)

Our living room was fully decked out in one of his favourite theme: Thomas & Friends

The crowd came nearing the end of Little Fella's afternoon nap and he took a while to warm up to them thereafter as he was still a little cranky (as usual) due to his nap being "disturbed". 

Soon all that disappeared when he realised that lots of stuffs were waiting for him to unwrap.....   =)

His face began to lighten up....


Hey! I recognise this wrapper....

Hi-Fives were exchanged...

He became quite busy indeed!

Here's some "cooking" with his new kitchen set...

and having a laugh at it    =)

Busy with "other dishes"....

And what's a birthday without the customary birthday cake?

Checking out the cake to his delight....

I think this is when he realises that cakes are yummy, especially the chocolate ones!   =)

Little Fella celebrated his birthday consecutively for two days over the weekend. On the second day with his paternal grandparents, he already knows the drill like.....

Delicious food spread

Opening of presents

and yummy cakes again!

and this is the combined result of two days worth of presents... (together with some existing sets)

Quite a feat right?     =)

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