Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar

Went to a new place for our weekend brunch at Skyve last Sunday. The outlet is located near Newton Circus and is tucked away in a discreet nook among some old buildings. With the assistance from our trusty GPS, we managed to locate the place without much difficulties.

Here is our boy "Chillaxing" at the plushy sofa 

Enjoying yummy food    =)

Overall the place has a nice ambience, generally good food and service staffs. But what makes the trip memorable (at least to me) is actually the location of the place that enables photo opportunties like this:

In case if you are wondering what is so nice about looking at the back of our little boy, I can only say that there is something 'special" in capturing our little guy being "in motion" and seemingly exploring a place on his own at his own pace.......if you get what I mean.

Well, if the above pictures are not your cup of tea, how about the ones below? Little Fella having a fun time playing Peek-a-boo with us.


There is also a swing outside the restaurant as well.

Love the different outdoor scenes available at the site. Little Fella also get the chance to be up close with a yellow butterfly but alas it flew away before a decent shot can be captured.

Credit must be given to Drama Mama who introduces this place to us, so to wifey, any more of such lovely places?      =)

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  1. Love the pictures taken!
    Just simply put a smile while looking at the pictures!