Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A for Aeroplane!

Little Fella went on a "field trip" two weekends ago to conclude his learning of the alphabet A.

Dearest Mummy had painstakingly prepared "lesson plans" throughout the week to expose Little Fella to items beginning with A and its A for Airport and Aeroplanes on Saturday   =)

Blame it on my poor photography skills, unfortunately I do not have much pictures to show for the trip. Sigh.... Nevertheless, Little Fella had a blast at the airport viewing gallery. As "teaching aid", he had a new toy aeroplance as a reference to the actual planes that he sees. Heez.....

Not forgeting catching up on the history part....

Overall, it was a successful outing as Little Fella have begin to show interest and can recognise aeroplanes nowadays. Great work Mummy!     =)

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