Friday, 15 July 2011

Hee Ya!

Dusting off some cobwebs from this blog. *dust dust* Its been a while since the last entry was posted so here's a quick update:

We went to Hatched at Evans Road two Sundays ago for a lazy Brunch.

This is my "breakfast set"   =)

It comes with a drink too!

Mummy, can I have this "egg"?

If you look closely enough, you will realise that my "breakfast set" aren't real food as they are actually made from wood. The drink is real though. The manager of the restaurant served the "breakfast" to me as he doesn't want me to feel bored while Daddy and Mummy were having their breakfast.  =)

Last Friday was Mummy's birthday and we went to The Rose Veranda at Shangri-la for its Hi-Tea. This is the second time I went to a Hi-Tea session, the first being here: My First Hi-Tea Session According to Daddy, its food and variety is nothing to shout about except that it has big plushy lounge sofas and a nice environment for one to spend the afternoon away, especially so for Tea lovers as it does have a wide selection available. Guess Hi-Tea must drink tea? How about coffee? Hmm.....

Happy Birthday Mummy!   =)

That's me busy on the phone  

Since turning eight months old, I am sitting comfortably nowadays (not wobbly anymore), crawls faster, loves clapping my hands to music or when someone sings and is currently learning to wave my hand when saying goodbye. Daddy also commented that my voice is louder too, heez..... Well that's all for the quick update, not to worry, the next post wont be in another two weeks time. Cheerios!

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