Friday, 3 June 2011

Pulled elbow

Learn something new today, through the painful way....

I was up and about as usual this morning, laying on daddy and mummy's bed while they were busying preparing for work. What happened next puzzled all of us and all I knew was that something was "wrong" with my right arm.... It hurts when I try to move it and I began to cry.

Mummy noticed that my cry was different from the usual "complaint" cry and as I seldom actually do cry out loud (you see, I'm a good boy), she knew that something was bothering me. I couldn't tell her what was wrong and thus the "figuring out" process went on for a while with me crying while mummy&daddy were busy using different methods to pacify me.

Luckily mummy was observant enough to notice that I have been restricting the movement of my right arm. It was painful when I moved it so I decided not to move it at all. I will only reach out using my left arm and on the occasion that my right arm moves, I will cry again.

Daddy and Mummy were at lost, so were Grandmama when we reached her house subsequently. Heard them mentioning sprain and Chinese Sinsei, all I knew was that I'm in pain! Daddy then have to decide whether to bring me to a pediatric orthopedic or chinese medicine centre to seek consultation. Long story cut short, in the end I went to see a Chinese Sinsei and after spending another minute of crying out loud and $16 consultation fees later. I'm fine! Daddy was saying that its the best $16 spent.

I had a "pulled elbow". According to, "Pulled or slipped elbow, which is also called nursemaid's elbow, is a fairly common mishap for babies and children under age 4 or 5. Nursemaid's elbow occurs when the ligament that goes around the top of the radius bone in his arm slips off. If that's the case, your baby may cry and hold his elbow bent against his tummy. His elbow won't look distorted, and it may or may not continue to hurt, but he'll probably protect it and refuse to move it."

 There you have it, my first (and hopefully last) pulled elbow. *fingers&toes crossed*

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  1. Hey baby!
    It hurts mummy a great deal seeing you in pain.
    It feels like being torn apart into million pieces.
    I'm really glad that its over and that my chirpy happy baby is back.

    Pls continue to be a happy and healthy baby!