Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sembawang Shopping Centre

Went to a new place with YeYe, Nai Nai and PeiShan jie-jie yesterday. Mighty Daddy mentioned said that it is to celebrate mummy's day with Nai Nai and to spend some time with them too as they misses me much. We had an enjoyable dinner at one of the chinese restaurant in the mall and managed to explore the place thereafter. Papa said that the mall is quite child-friendly as there are travellators (instead of escalators) and some children retail/education stores as well.  There is also a children playground and splash area which seems like lotsa fun too (reminds me of the one at Nex). Too bad daddy did not bring along his camera so no pictures update. Nevertheless I had fun that day and enjoyed playing with PeiShan jie-jie. She bought flower for mummy too, so nice of her.   =)

Mummy, when I grow up, I will buy flowers for you too okie.  =)

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