Monday, 9 May 2011

High Chair and Floor Mat

As mentioned in the earlier post, the past weekend have been a busy one and among the accomplished task is shopping!  =)

Went to IKEA Tampines to buy its stuff, have our meals and enjoy the aircon! (Its so hot and humid nowadays..... daddy has been calling me little sweater cause I perspire easily, especially when I'm asleep..)

Both mummy and daddy found something for themselves, as for me, its the chair shown on the left.

Daddy was saying that the chair is easy to maintain/clean, serves its basic purpose and seats quite comfy (with the added cushion), moreover its cheap and matches our house color!

That's me checking out my new chair..

We also went to MotherWorks at Tanglin Mall for this as well:

Can't tell? How about this for a better illustration of its size...

The  LG floor mat is big! and the display are so lively and colorful..... I kept staring and looking at the pictures when daddy showed it to me. After daddy had placed me on the mat, i had initially thought that the pictures were objects and had wanted to reach out and grab them.... The mat is expensive and we will be able to buy ten IKEA high chairs for its price! Papa is hoping that it will be a worthwhile investment eventually in assisting my development skills. Previously the only opportunity for me to be on my tummy was on mummy and daddy's bed. Now I can just lie on the mat and performs my flips, turns, wiggles crawls etc without the fear of falling down from heights.    =)

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