Monday, 9 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day! (belated post)

Phew! What a wkend! With the election fever and mother's day back to back combo, Mighty Daddy have been kept busy all throughout the weekend. Finally for some updates....

Happy Mother's Day Drama Mama!   =)

Erm.... actually I'm still too young to know or to celebrate anything but Papa told me it's an important day so I must at least shower mama with lots of hugz and kisses among other things.

Papa also told me that mummy went through a lot to bring me into this world. Like having me in her tummy for ten months, (putting on weight during the process is a big Arrragh!! for her), going through the mind-boggling natural delivery (with epidural and those scary-looking painful long needles etc) process, post pregnancy bluez..... to sacrificing her sleep taking care of new-born me, always putting my needs before her, feeding/changing/showering/singing/playing/teaching and loving me to bits....... and many more which she is still doing/learning along the way and have been handling like a pro.

Mighty Daddy stressed that he loves me loads too but the details shall have to wait for another day as this post is dedicated to dearest mummy. " Love ya lotsa Mighty Mama!"

Flashing my megawatt smile to mummy during meal times.

Holding onto mummy's hand during story-telling session

Reading  Looking at books

Loves shower time cause I get to play with water!

Hmm... how comes this thing can call my name?

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