Thursday, 14 April 2011

Hooray! First Post and hopefully* with many more to come!

Mighty Daddy (a.k.a M.D) have been pondering for the longest time to start a blog to document my milestones and to take note of all the stuffs that he had painstakingly researched/gathered since the day I announced to Drama Mama of my existence. Overheard that he was sharing with Drama Mama that he has short term memory nowadays and have to start documenting quickly before he forgets and I'm all grown up!

 Well, I am five months plus going to six soon by the end of this month so don't worry daddy, you are not too late! In the meantime, I shall stick to my job of  sleeping, playing, eating, drinking and zonking out okie. Oh yah, and I will remember to smile and chuckle a lot too when I'm with the camera so that Mighty Daddy will be able to post them here.

Look out for more updates, cherio!

by little fellow  

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